High End Firearms: 10 Fantasy Firearms for Your Next Purchase

Shooters have different ideas regarding fantasy firearms. However, we can all admit that there are some we would consider, if money wasn’t an issue.

There are all kinds of reason why someone might dream about owning a specific firearm. It could be because a revered family member owned one that went to someone else. Or some trusted individual touted it years before we could actually afford it. It could even be that a certain gun just calls out to our soul, becoming one of those fantasy firearms that we hope to someday afford.

Those guns can be afforded, or not, depending on disposable income and ability to save. It all boils down to that old saying, “you can have anything you want, if you’re willing to work for it.”

In keeping with that theme, GunBroker.com has gathered together a few of those fantasy firearms that pretty much any shooter would like to own. Sure, we all have differences in what we fantasize owning. Some dream of owning an engraved double-barrel for skeet. Others desire a custom-made 1911 or possibly a tack-driving bolt action for taking deer from across a bean field.

The what matters as little as the why. For whatever reason, these dream guns are just something we want. Need doesn’t really factor into the equation. Sometimes there are even guns out there that we want without even knowing we actually want them. That is until we see them. Well, here are a few of those fantasy firearms you might not have realized you need.


For more than 40 years, a company out of Tennessee has created some of the best long-range rifles ever made. Military snipers from around the world prefer Barrett rifles in both .50 BMG and .338 Lapua Magnum. There is no better-known name regarding extremely long-range shots. Well, the company has expanded its offerings with the Barrett MRADELR. Barrett chambered this bolt-action rifle in .416 Barrett, which was designed as an improvement on the .50 BMG. This cartridge uses a necked-down and shortened .50 case to push a medium-heavy bullet at extremely fast speeds.

Barrett MRADELR -Industry Day RAnge 2024- GunBroker
Barrett MRADELR Rifle. Image Credit: GunBroker.com

However, the company designed this extreme long-range system with user changeable barrels and calibers. This means that shooters can swap calibers while using the same precision equipment. Other features include a high-efficiency three-port muzzle brake, single-stage trigger module and a nickel-plated bolt head. Unfortunately, Barrett has not announced when these additional barrels will become available. It also retails for just under $10,000.

Watch Video Review of the Barrett MRADELR here.

Beretta DT11 BLACK DLC

There is something about using an over/under shotgun on skeet, sporting clays and even upland game. For some reason, these shotguns just have a wonderful feel, along with scrollwork, nicer finishes and upgraded wood. They swing nice and shoot even better. Beretta has been building over/under shotguns for longer than most of us can remember, and has long been considered a premier shotgun manufacturer. Its most recent introduction is an upgraded version of the DT11, called the Black DLC.

Beretta DT11 BLACK DLC - GunBroker
Beretta DT11 BLACK DLC. Image Credit: GunBroker.com

Basically, this new version of the legendary DT11 received a Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) on the barrels and receiver to improve durability and resistance to corrosion and wear. It also adds a modern all-black look enhanced by acid green details. It also has a carbon-fiber top rib to reduce weight and improve the swing.

Its oil-finished grade 3 walnut wood against the DLC on the metal gives this shotgun a well-balanced, modern look to go along with its feel. Beretta uses tri-alloyed steel undergoing deep drilling, cold hammer forging and vacuum distension for a triple cone fitting on the barrels. It still comes, however, with all of the loved features of the original design, including the cross-bolt locking mechanism, three-millimeter wider receiver to improve stability and handling, and replaceable barrel locking shoulders. The Beretta DT11 Black DLC is available in Sporting, Trap and Skeet variants. This exquisite shotgun, however, starts at $13,900.

CMMG MK47 Dissent

American shooters can’t seem to get enough of modern sporting rifles. In fact, many folks claim the AR as America’s rifle. Not every shooter, though, wants an AR-15. Some folks prefer something more in line with the other side because of chambering or function. The AK uses a .30-caliber bullet, and it is well known for its reliability. This gun goes bang every time the trigger is pulled. It’s just not known for being super accurate or even nice at which to look. That is until CMMG decided to jump into that market with its MK47 Dissent.

With the MK47 Dissent, CMMG combined the features of the AR and AK rifle platforms. This created a mutant that uses the best of both to provide shooters with a more powerful rifle that is reliable and easy to use.

CMMG MK47 Dissent
CMMG MK47 Dissent. Image Credit: CMMG

With this rifle, CMMG started with its new Compact Action that doesn’t require a buffer tube. This allows the rifle to be much more compact. It also used a forward, reversible charging handle and bolt catch. All this also changed the recoil signature, making it softer and more manageable in a fairly light recoiling rifle. This provides faster follow-up shots. The reversible, non-reciprocating charging handle is forward of standard, allowing charging and clearing without lowering the gun. All this provides those who don’t want an AR with a tactical option that is not clunky. MSRP runs around $2,400.

Dan Wesson DWX

It sure seems that when companies combine features of two popular firearms, the price goes up. Of course, when it works, it makes for one heck of a gun, which might explain the higher prices. With the DWX, Dan Wesson took two great pistols, the 1911 and CZ 75, and combined them into something new, and quite interesting.

The DWX is a single-action-only semi-auto pistol in 9mm. It uses a lot of the ergonomics of the CZ 75, along with its double-stack magazine. This gives the pistol a capacity of 20 rounds. However, Dan Wesson used the thumb safety of the 1911, as well as its trigger pull, against what most guns are judged. The trigger itself stands out, as it is flat, skeletonized and red to match the aluminum grips. Other features include an accessory rail, fiber-optic front sight, adjustable rear sight, front serrations and a serrated rib between the sights to reduce glare. This is one of the best mutant guns ever, and the $2,000 price reflects it.

Dan Wesson DWX - GunBroker
Dan Wesson DWX single action only semi-auto pistol in 9mm. Image Credit: GunBroker.com

Fausti DEA Upland SLX

Italy is a beautiful country, with an amazing history. Everyone should go at least once. If, however, you can’t, then you really need to try out an Italian shotgun. This is especially true with one such as the Fausti DEA Upland SLX side-by-side double barrel. In Italian “dea” means goddess, and Fausti made sure this shotgun fit that bill. With high-grade, oil-finished wood and deep, rich blued barrels, this shotgun looks like it comes straight out of the Italian countryside in the hands of gentry.

Fausti DEA Upland SLX
Fausti DEA Upland SLX

Fausti builds the action out of a single piece of steel, carefully machining it to specific specifications. It comes with a straight English stock and a splinter forend. It also comes with hand engraving on the receiver that is signed by the author, making each shotgun somewhat unique.

Available in 12, 16, 20, 28 and 410, this boxlock action shotgun uses a single, non-selective trigger, automatic ejectors and a look that works everywhere that shotguns are accepted for use. Obtaining this “goddess” requires a substantial offering of around $6,000 or more.

Jacob Grey Firearms TWC 9

Jacob Grey has history as a custom 1911 manufacturer. This is in addition to producing OEM parts for the aerospace industry. The company uses CNC machines to create parts for both Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Jacob Grey has a particular affinity for aluminum parts with very tight tolerances, which leads right into the company’s latest introduction, the TWC 9.

The TWC 9 (Throwback With Capacity) is a double-stack 1911, with a grip and frame meticulously crafted from aerospace-grade billet 7075 aluminum. All this reduces weight on the gun, making it very well balanced, especially with its machined, stainless-steel slide.

Jacob Grey TWC 9 double stack 1911 GunBroker
Jacob Grey TWC 9 double stack 1911

The 4.25-inch, stainless-steel barrel features a 1:10-inch twist for accuracy, and it comes with many desired 1911 features. These include an ambidextrous safety, flared magazine well and suppressor-height, XS sights with an orange Tritium insert. It even comes with two, 17-round magazines, as well as optic cuts for attaching both RMR and RMSc reflex sights.

Everything about this pistol shows it to be a well-thought-out, a modernized version of a classic. It has the looks and ability that might make a person want to show off a pistol designed specifically for concealed carry and self-defense.

Ohio Ordnance Works 1918A3 Self-Loading Rifle

Historical firearms catch attention, as do military firearms. Especially ones designed by John Moses Browning. This includes the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle. Often called the BAR, this firearm holds a big spot in history, especially in World War II. However, it is highly regulated, hard to find and fairly expensive. It is also something lots of shooters have always wanted to fire. Fortunately, Ohio Ordnance Works makes a very nice replica called the 1918A3 SLR.

OOW based its SLR on the WWII A3 model, replicating it in almost every way. The company even uses some original USGI WWI and WWII parts. The company machines the receivers out of AISI 4140 steel billet on state-of-the-art CNC machining centers. It then assembles, inspects and test fires each rifle to ensure quality.

Ohio Ordnance Works 1918A3 Self-Loading Rifle
Ohio Ordnance Works 1918A3 Self-Loading Rifle

Chambered in .30-06, like the original, the 1918A3 SLR is an adjustable, gas-operated, closed-bolt semi-automatic rifle. It weighs 19.4 pounds and measures 47.8 inches. It even features a leaf rear sight, with an open U-notch, along with a peep aperture that is adjustable for windage and elevation from 100 to 1,500 yards. The front sight is a reverse ramp type with protective hood.

Now, the 1918A3 SLR is not a BAR. It is a semi-auto version of the BAR. However, it shoots and looks very similar to the original, meaning that very few people will be able to tell the difference, except by rate of fire. Of course, at almost $8,000, the SLR isn’t much cheaper than the BAR.

Staccato C

Some gun companies concentrate on making one gun, or type of gun, really well. Or at least that is for which they are known. STI is one of those companies, being primarily in the action-sports side of shooting. However, the company also makes a well-designed everyday carry gun with excellent features and accuracy.

The Staccato C is a compact, double-stack 1911-type pistol chambered in 9mm. It is just that this gun comes standard with features designed for accuracy and reliability. This includes an integral feed ramp, which provides a continuous surface for the tip of the round. The company also lowered the ejection port and used Browning’s internal design for the extractor. It comes with deep serrations on the front and rear that are also melted to be less rough on hands and holsters.

Staccato C
Staccato C

Other features include a fiber-optic front sight and a ledge rear sight. The front sight helps in low light, while the rear provides a shelf for one-hand manipulation if needed. It even comes with a rail for attachments, and an aluminum frame. Basically, the Staccato blends features of competition and concealed carry to become a fantasy firearm for self-defense advocates. And it only runs around $2,600.

Weatherby Mark V High Country

Rifles can be fairly heavy, especially after adding a high-quality scope. Weight can be a benefit, especially if shooting long distances. However, weight is a real impediment when climbing mountains. That’s why Weatherby brought out the Mark V High Country.

Weatherby has long been known for making excellent rifles. While some might not call the Mark V a fantasy firearm, they’ve never spent the money to set one up for use. It doesn’t take long to hit $4,000 out of pocket considering rifle, scope, sling, etc., especially when trying to save weight. With it starting at 5.7 pounds, the Mark V High Country saves weight. In fact, it was purpose-built to be the lightweight mountain rifle a hunter carries on his or her dream hunt.

Weatherby Mark V High Country

The company started with a carbon-fiber stock that weighs only 24 ounces. On this stock is a Peak 44 Bastion, a vertical grip providing comfort when shooting. It also comes with dual swivel studs on the front for attachments, along with an Accubrake and 3DHEX Recoil pad. The trigger guard, bolt, receiver and fluted barrel all receive graphite black Cerakote for durability in all weather conditions. It even comes in a left-hand version. Shooters can obtain this flat-shooting, lightweight mountain rifle for around $2,700.  

Volquartsen Mini Scorpion

Pretty much every shooter has a .22 LR. It’s considered one of the greatest plinking rounds, especially when paired with a suppressor. One of the best to pair with this particular attachment is the Volquartsen Mini Scorpion. In fact, Volquartsen designed the Mini Scorpion to be a suppressor-friendly pistol.

Volquartsen Mini Scorpion
Volquartsen Mini Scorpion

Compact and light, the Mini measures around 8 inches and weighs only 28 ounces. The gun’s LLV upper features a stainless-steel barrel and laser-hardened breech in an aluminum shroud. The barrel comes threaded, with an integral Picatinny rail for optics. The Volquartsen Competition Bolt has a DLC Coating to ensure smooth operation and function. Even better, the LLV upper is compatible with Ruger MK II and MK III lowers. Few .22 pistols reach this level of accuracy, especially with a suppress. It can be picked up for just under $1,500.

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